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Dog Harness Review - Our #1 Style

Yes, it's true - your dog is spoiled when they come to Dog Dude Ranch because they get to run free and play with their friends all without the use of a leash to hold them back. But what about when it's time to go home, go on a walk or go to a traditional dog park? So many of our guests have the same challenges so many dog owners have and that is that traditional dog collars put too much pressure on their dog's neck and that typical harnesses are so difficult to put on their wiggly pups. So what's a dog parent to do? Thankfully there are a number of great harnesses that answer all of those challenges easily and affordably. 

Our #1 favorite is the Bolux Dog Harness. This harness has been tested and reviewed by thousands of dog moms and dads and they agree it is great and here's why. The simple design allow you to put the harness over the dog's head, but instead of trying to lift the dog's paws and squeeze them through the leg slots, all you need to do is simply loop the strap around the dog's chest and fasten it in... that's it! So easy! It also is much more comfortable for your dog as there is no rubbing between their front legs causing irritation like other harnesses. These harnesses come with a great handle at the top to do things like helping your pup get in the car. And they also have easy velcro strap areas where you can add customized alerts like "Service Dog" or even your dog's name. There are also reflective areas for nighttime walks giving you an added safety feature. Naturally they have every size and a variety of colors to choose from letting you get creative with designs. Personally, I can't wait for the Holidays to have my pup try out the adorable Christmas one. 

As we always like to save money when possible, we searched for a similar design with added savings and found the Noyal Dog Harness. It includes our favorite features as the Bolux and has great customer reviews. It is so similar that it is definitely worth a little penny pinching.  Whichever harness you prefer, the most important thing is to make sure you are purchasing the right size. Be sure to follow the sizing charts available and to measure your dog to ensure a safe and snug fit. Having a harness that is too large can end up in a pup that gets loose and into danger. And of course a harness that is too small simply won't fit.  Here's to great fun and adventures with your beloved pup! Sending you our best from the whole Dog Dude Ranch family!


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