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Frequently Asked Questions

Parties in the park.   Sleepovers.  Playing hide and seek.  Ball games. Gymnastics.

Wide open spaces.  No rules – Just right!


Well, it’s almost like that for the dudes at the ranch. We also do have rules. But it’s better, much better than a dog park! Unlike a park, we screen all dogs who come. No tough guys or girls allowed! At the park many dog owners stop to chat while their dogs go unsupervised. We have specially trained “wranglers” watching and playing with our dogs, already separated into smaller safe playgroups. Fresh clean water, a regular program to control any little pests, safety checks, immunization checks and emergency procedures…  You get the idea!


But wait! The world isn’t perfect. Just like children at the playground, occasional falls and scrapes, insect bites, lost interest in eating, upset stomachs and even catching colds, although rare, occasionally do happen. Some illnesses or injuries may go unnoticed and some signs of illness may occur after your pet arrives home.


So here are a few items that you need to consider while you decide to leave your dog with us in this “cageless” open environment.

What vaccinations are required?

  • Rabies

  • Distemper (DAPPVL multi-vaccine too)

  • Canine Influenza

  • Bordetella 

Bordella is like a flu vaccine and covers many viruses, but not every one. Some dogs will also get symptoms of the virus after a vaccination so if your dog gets the vaccination close to arriving at the ranch, he might end up showing signs of illness from the injection. We recommend getting the vaccination at least a couple of weeks before your pup's visit. Like children at school, there is no 100% guaranteed way to prevent catching a cold, but the fresh air at the ranch helps reduce that risk. 


You may contact your veterinarian and ask them to send your vaccinations to us. Your veterinarian may email them to us at or fax at (305) 702-8964.​

What do you feed my dog?

It is healthiest for your dog to stay eating the foods they are accustomed to at home so we require you bring their own food when they visit. 

But because your dog is going to get lots of fun playtime and exercise we ask you to pack at least 1 1/2 times of what your dog would normally eat per meal as they will be hungrier than normal. If you have a puppy or young dog under 2 years old, your dog will likely need even more food and possibly to eat three times a day.

Some helpful tips in packaging your dog’s food:

  • Don't send bins or containers please!

  • Individual AM & PM servings/baggies of dry food per meal for the first week's stay must be prepared.

  • Wet food, cans, refrigerated items should be packed separately.

  • If you dog is staying more than a week, you can also include a separate container for the days after the first week. We will have that container stored in a separate room to refill the kitchen bin when the first week has finished. 

Can you take photos of my pup?


We go out to get photos of the pups on Saturdays and we share them on Facebook. Because our time is focused on the care of your dogs, we can’t guarantee we get photos of everyone. 


What happens if my dog gets a scrape or cut while playing?


Anyone watching The Discovery Channel or National Geographic learns quickly that dogs use their paws and mouths, bumping and tumbling to play. Those teeth and toe nails do leave their marks occasionally.  Please be assured we don’t allow mean or aggressive dogs at the ranch.                                                                                                              


Our dog wranglers are out with the dogs just like the lifeguards at your community pool. They’re always focused on safety. Every once in a while however a cut, bite or abrasion does go unnoticed. We do conduct a nose-to-tail inspection of every single dog before the day ends. Emergency procedures are in place and practiced should any need arise.

Will my dog get lots of exercise?


YES, YES AND MORE YES! There are so many friends to play with and fun things to explore that every dog gets more exercise here than they typically ever would at home. In fact, it is universal that every dog will go home after a visit and be nice and relaxed for about two days! Owners love this because that means they can relax too. Some dogs even have a lighter appetite during this relaxed time too so don't be alarmed - it is very normal. We have lots of owners bring their dogs here for daycare or overnight just to help their dogs that they extra energy out! Other owners bring their dogs to help them lose weight and get in shape, especially if their veterinarian mentioned that their dog is overweight.

Just as when a child gets a scratch or catches a cold at school and the school does not pay for the medical care, please understand that DDR does NOT pay for veterinary charges associated with any of these situations. It is beyond our control to absolutely prevent every condition in cagefree boarding/daycare setting.


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