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Testimonials and Reviews


We are so grateful for our amazing guests and dog dudes who have been visiting us for years now. Check out the video below to hear what others think of our dog boarding and dog day care services.

5 Stars

This place is a magical place with the biggest dog lover as a gate keeper (the owner). Everything starts from the moment they open those beautiful front gates and you can smell Fresh soil and grass. The dogs go crazy for that stuff, to top it off everything's is very clean and everyone caring for the pups dedicate their heart to it.


5 Stars

If I could give this place 10 stars I would. We usually board our dog at a regular kennel in Broward county when we go out but I always feel guilty...because it's an indoor place that gives the required walk twice a day and nothing more. Dog Dude Ranch of Miami is like the funnest summer camp ever for dogs. They took such good care and Rollo had the best time. 10 times better than other kennels...


5 Stars

I've been a client for five years. Best daycare and boarding in Miami!!! They truly care that your dog is happy while in their care. Wouldn't take my Winston anywhere else.


5 Stars

Dog Dude Ranch is like family. I would never leave my dog anywhere else. He is older, diabetic, needs insulin shots and eye drops. I do not trust anyone else to care for him. The staff is kind, knowledgeable, organized, and the premises are clean like a hospital. They have it all figured out like clockwork - the bigger dogs, the smaller ones, the older, the puppies, the energetic ones - all separated by temperament for their well being and safety. Unlike most boarding places that leave the dogs unattended overnight, the ranch has people on the premises 24/7. The dogs are thoroughly examined daily, and are constantly engaged in fun activities. When my dog spends time at the ranch he comes back looking younger, his coat is shiny, his eyes are bright, and his blood sugar gets to a normal level. They give him lots of love and attention and I have complete peace of mind. I have never quite seen a place like the ranch, and will probably never find another one quite like them that I could trust with my precious dog.


5 Stars

I just need to say the word ‘ranch’ and my dog Luna goes crazy!! It’s her absolute favorite place. I take her regularly for day care and she comes home exhausted after fun filled days of playing. 
We have boarded with the ranch 3 times and Luna enjoyed her vacations just as much as we did! 
The grounds are immaculate and the staff are fantastic, I trust them all 100% with my fur baby. 
I, (and my dog)are so happy to have found the ranch :)


My precious Princess comes to me every single day "asking" me to take her to the ranch. After her walk in the morning she gives me about 15 minutes to relax and get a glass of milk and then she comes to my room, sits in front of me wagging her tail and pawing in the air while looking me straight in the eyes. Believe it or not she even "smiles" at me while waiting for an answer. Six days a week I tell her "no, not today" and she goes back to the living room until play time (which is every day, all of the time because I am retired.)


However, every Sunday I tell her I am taking her to the ranch and she goes crazy. She weighs about 55 lbs. but she jumps on me (after I sit down because I know what will happen if I don't sit down!) and jumps up and down and runs around the room. It takes her 15 minutes to calm down and then she waits patiently while I get her food and leash. When I pull into the ranch she starts all over again because she is so happy. It is the best day of the week for Princess and I am so happy because I know she is safe, has many friends, and is well taken care of. She has also been to the ranch the 4 times I was out of the country for 2 weeks each. The staff and Priscilla are the most wonderful and loving people ever. It is Princess' second home and she has many people to love, not just me. A huge, "thank you" to every single person at the ranch.


I think it's the most amazing place to leave your dog... The place is beautiful, so clean, and most of all from the owner, to the person that greets u when u drive up, are ALL the most wonderful and pleasant people ever....

Mirtha S.

My dogs have been going twice a week for over a year and a half! The ranch is their home away from home! They love going there!

Betty T.

I wouldn't leave my precious Dixie anywhere else. The best doggie care around.

Maria D.

Awesome place for my little dog. He always enjoy spending time there... he is happy and me too. if you love your dog this the right place. Highly recommend.

Angie M.


The Dude Ranch of Miami is the perfect place for dog owners to leave their beloved dogs! I know my dogs are being cared for a loved just as I do while I am on vacation! Love this place!

Gabriela S.

Awesome place for my dog. After four days of fun he is recharging his energy, which I never thought possible with a Weimeraner. I will definitely be sending him back and recommending Dog Dude Ranch to friends and family.

Karin G.

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