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Storm Preparation for Your Dog

We wanted to share some helpful information to help you have everything ready for your dog too during a storm. At the ranch, we take all storms very seriously and have many procedures in place to ensure the dogs and team members are safe and sound. After faring well through all past storms, even Hurricane Andrew, we know how to be ready. If you want to see some of the ways we stay safe during hurricanes, click here.

Storm preparation for your dog at home- Here are a few points to keep in mind.


Have enough supplies for your family AND your pet should you be stranded for an extended period of time. This includes enough food, water and medication to last up to three weeks. If your dog is on a raw diet or requires refrigeration for their food, find a healthy dry alternate that you can switch to in case you have no electricity or refrigeration. Have a number of the dry dog food bags stored safely through hurricane season and as the season ends, go ahead and allow your dog to eat the food before it expires. If you do not want to give your dog that food unless there is an emergency and it is about to expire, consider giving it to a dog shelter or rescue as they always need help.

First Aid

Make sure that you have supplies for your pet in your First Aid kit. This should include an extra collar, leash, water and food bowls.

Safe Space

You should also have a dog crate or kennel on hand in case you need a safe place to put your pet if doors or fences break.


Make sure your dog's collar is unable to come off and that it has a name tag with your contact information. Should a storm hit and your dog escape out of fear of the noise, you need to help make sure anyone who finds her can get her safely back to you. Have a close up photo of your dog so you can share it if needed.

Thunder Fear

Many dogs have extreme fear of loud noises, especially thunder. Some of them come with helpful items such as organic and therapeutic grade Lavender (we can help you find the best), Thunder Shirts (click here to see what they are) or even veterinarian prescribed medications. Ask your veterinarian if your dog’s fear is severe as they can help you find the right fit to help them.

Please stay safe during the storm and we are here to help!

Thank you and please give your dogs a big hug from us all!

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