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When K-9 and Service Heroes are There for Each Other

Rescue dogs with war heroes

I am crying as I am writing this because of the truly life-saving work and love that goes into K9s For Warriors. This noble mission brings together rescue dogs with service heroes to form an unbreakable and life-saving bond of friendship and loyalty.

Soldier, take me from this shelter’s cage. Give me back my life. In return, I’ll cover your back. I’ll be your canine warrior, your sixth sense. I’ll stand guard into the night and chase the demons away, the uninvited, cloaked in night sweats and darkness. I will help you open your cage of solitude then walk tall by your side into the light of day. Together, our faith will rise as tall as your soldier’s pride. We are now family in this post-911 world. Because together, we stand.

-Bridget Cassidy

This program is transforming lives every day. If you have a heart for rescue dogs and our nation's heroes, please read this outstanding article to learn more by clicking here and share it on your social media to help gain support for this wonderful non-profit.

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