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Socialization is crucial for your pup

By their inherent nature, dogs are social beings who were born to be part of a pack and family. A dog that doesn't experience a wide variety of social situations starting at a young age, can be suceptible to a host of personality disorders that are difficult to undo later in life.

Some of the most common problems a sheltered life of a dog can bring include shyness, acute separation anxiety, aggressiveness to dogs and/or people and bad behavior when trying to train them.

But over the years, we have seen wonderful things happen when dogs are given plenty of time to get in touch with their inner dog personalities by having lots of time to hang out and build friendships with other dogs. We have seen dogs on every end of the spectrum, from the most shy and fearful to the most playful and silly. And for each one, they blossom more and more once they get to become part of their own pack.

We have so many pups that come weekly for daycare just to play, spend time with other dogs and then to go home a more balanced and relaxed dog. They make friends, get exercise and learn good manners from each other in a very similar way to how children blossom when they go to school.

So whatever age your dog, it is always great for them to get plenty of time playing with other dogs. There are lots of fun and great ways to do that which the two most convenient are to bring your dog to a safe dog park on a regular basis or consider dog daycare whether it be here at the ranch or somewhere else. Your dog will thank you and you will be happy having a happier dog!

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