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Meet our newest rescue - Sweet Lottie!

Did you know that over 15% of our business goes to helping rescue animals and of course, the overwhelming majority being dogs? While we truly wish all animals could be rescued, we do everything we can whenever possible. Thanks to our dear friend, Joy Carr, who rescues so many, we found this sweet girl. We are so grateful for the outstanding work Joy and others like the South Florida SPCA does.

When they found 28 year old Lottie, she was emaciated and all skin and bones. They brought her back to health and wanted to find a happy retirement home for her enjoy her remaining years. So now when you come to visit the ranch, stop by to say hello to lovely Lottie and our other wonderful horses.

Lottie when she was rescued by the South Florida SPCA - Beyond emaciated

Lottie today!

Please consider helping other animals that need to be rescued by either adopting a pet or making a donation to the many worthy rescue organizations like the South Florida SPCA.

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