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Is your dog an escape artist? Pet Tracker Review

Let's face it, some dogs are so curious that they can't help but find ways to get out and explore. Although a microchip is a good start in helping your pet get back to you safely, there are even better ways to get your dog back home.

If your dog gets lost, it can be days before somebody finds and saves them, and sadly, there are too many instances where a pet can have a tragic ending being lost on the streets in an unfamiliar or unsafe environment. A microchip works only if a lost pet is fortunate enough to be found and to be found by someone who brings them to a veterinarian or animal shelter who can scan the chip and notify you. Thankfully, due to newer technology, there are other ways that are even better ensuring you can find your pet quickly. We have reviewed the top two to help you pick from the best in the market.

Today's pet tracking devices are lightyears ahead of the microchip (although a microhip is still important to have). Many of these new devices have similar features such as being able to see how far away you are from your dog, being notified when your dog gets outside of a safety zone which you have set up and some of them offer GPS functions giving you instant views on a map of exactly where your dog is.

Our favorite is the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker as it has the most robust features specifically with pets and pet owners in mind. ​Click here to view more about Tagg on Amazon.


  • Track your dog using live GPS compared to crowd GPS which is not as reliable

  • It will send texts and email alerts when your pet gets out of its safety zone that you have established

  • View and track your dog's daily exercise

  • Works with iPhone or Android

  • View an interactive map with directions to your lost pet

  • It attaches to your pet's collar

  • Tagg monitors your pet's surroundings and alerts you when they get too hot or cold

  • It is waterproof


  • It is larger and bulkier than other trackers found on the market. Many others are small stickers that can be attacked to your dog's tag

  • It requires regular charging to work similar to what you need to do with your phone

  • There is a monthly service charge (around $9.99) where others are free

TrackR Sticker

TrackR Sticker is a simple sticker that you can put on the back of your dog's collar and it can also be used on anything else you would like to track like your keys or purse. Once the sticker is on, you can activate it on your cell phone. Click here to learn more about TrackR on Amazon.


  • Easily find items using the app distance indicator

  • Use Crowd GPS to recover lost items although this has not been a full-proof system for some users

  • Works with iPhone 4s & later and Android

  • This is not waterproof and not suitable for a dog that is regularly outdoors a lot or who plays in water

If you have an older dog that is fairly certain to never get lost, then you don't need to worry about getting any tracking devices, however, for the rest of the dog owners who can't be 100% certain that their dog may never get lost, then these two trackers can help ensure your dog's safety and fast return home.
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