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The Right Dog Boarding Facility Will Make You Feel Relieved When You Travel


After years of getting the chance to meet simply spectacular dogs and their dog-loving families as they are looking for a dog kennel or dog boarding facility, one of the best rewards we have at the Dog Dude Ranch is the great sighs of relief they give when they learn about our unique dog boarding environment.

Many families have spent exhaustive time visiting dog kennels all over South Florida trying to find one that they will feel happy leaving their beloved pet. Although there are many very good places out there, ones that have fancy dog rooms with cute beds and even TVs, the comment we most hear from owners is that they simply don't want to leave their pet alone in a cage or room. "My dog doesn't care about having a TV, he just wants to be with friends," one loving owner noted.

During our introductory tours and mini-play days, guests get big smiles on their faces as they see the wide open spaces their dog will get to play on. "It's like a big dog park," said another owner, "only it's supervised by your professionals!"

Another family noted that a dog boarding facility they visited charged extra to give small 30 minute play times and to let the dogs go to the bathroom, they took them out three times a day. He was so happy when he learned that, depending on the weather, dogs get 2-5 HOURS of fun, outdoor playtime at the Dog Dude Ranch which is all included in the one low price.

So, I guess that is what Dog Dude Ranch really is to us - a home away from home for your sweet dog. First, it is a big beautiful dog park that is supervised by our dog professionals. And second, it is a family home environment since we have two families living here ensuring someone is here 24/7.

We are more than dog lovers, we are passionate about giving your dog dude a fun, healthy and safe place to be when you are traveling. You should rest easy knowing that while you are on vacation, your dog is on vacation too!

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