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Dee has saved Noah!

So many of us are huge animal lovers and would go out of our way to help dogs in need. But I want to share this amazing story of someone how takes helping animals to a whole new level with her huge heart and caring nature.

We got a phone call yesterday from an amazingly sweet lady in England. In England, they do not have "kill" shelters but she learned that some shelters in the United States end up euthanizing animals that are not likely to get adopted. This broke her heart and she became determined to do whatever she could to help rescue as many dogs as she could in these kinds of shelters.

Now, remember, this lovely person lives in England and we are in Miami. From across the Atlantic Ocean, she has been trying to help find foster homes for dogs in need and not only that, but she is personally adopting a couple of rescue dogs and flying them home to live with her and her other two rescues!

So today, with the great guidance and support of the South Florida Animal Rescue Group, we had the pleasure of bringing Noah from the Animal Services to Dog Dude Ranch. He will spend some time here transitioning before he gets to be in his new and wonderful Forever Home with Dee!

And what a wonderful boy he is! He is so sweet, gentle and loving and I know he will make the best new addition to Dee's family! I hope you enjoy Noah's first day as her boy in this video. I am sure you all will see how sweet and wonderful he is.

Dee, you have a heart of gold and we couldn't be happier in helping Noah come home to you!

We are all sending you a big hug from Miami to England!

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