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If you have a roof over your head, enough to eat and a little to spare—and you love animals—there are millions of cats and dogs in the U.S. that need help. If you want to give to the welfare of animals, these noble nonprofits are worth looking into:

The Humane Society

The Humane Society is one of the oldest and most trusted animal welfare institutions in the country. They campaign for better laws to protect animals, reform industries, provide emergency response and care for domestic and wild animals through sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers. For more information go to

Guide Dogs of America

Guide dogs provide invaluable services to the blind and disabled, and Guide Dogs of America is one of the most reputable organizations of its kind. They provide service dogs free of charge to those in need, so they can accomplish their goals and live their lives with their happy dogs by their side. For more information go to

Leaders in Furthering Education

Lois Pope and her charities have helped millions, and not just humans. Lois Pope’s Mobile Pet Centers joined with the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League to form a league of mobile pet adoption centers. The trend has since begun to spread and helped numerous animals find homes. For more information about Pope and her efforts, go to Lois Pope LIFE Foundation.

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