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The best rain gear for your pup

It's that time of year again when sudden rain showers can ruin any day. So what's an active dog owner to do? We've got our two favorite solutions to let you and your pup play and have fun in the rain while not getting soaked!

Dog Umbrella

Our first favorite is fantastic because it will keep your dog the most comfortable as possible since they don't physically have to wear anything. It is a simple pop-up umbrella on a leash. The umbrella itself is clear so you can simply look down to make sure your dog is doing just fine and is staying dry. As the dog walker, it will take some getting used to on your part to make sure it stays in the right position while your dog walks and to make sure you don't bump into it, but after a little progress, you both will be doing just fine. And the umbrella is a great price at $14.49 on Amazon.

Dog rain coat and hat

Our second favorite is the dog raincoat and hat. They have varying sizes so it will be sure to give your dog the right amount of coverage in the rain no matter how big or small she is. What we love most about this is the hat portion as it keeps your pups head nice and dry too and you can lift it up or down depending on if it is still raining or not. You can get these on Amazon too and the prices vary depending on the size you order.

So don't let the rain slow you down as there is still lots of fun to be had out there!! Enjoy it with your pup and create more fun bonding times together!

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