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Which Fruits Are Safe For Your Pooch?

There are two things I just can’t say no to: french fries and puppy dog eyes. I’m working on cutting out the fries, but the other one is a tad trickier.

It doesn’t matter if the look is coming from a toddler, my fiancee, or my dog Duke — it gets me every time! So imagine my dilemma when I found out that there are TONS of fruits that are dangerous for my precious pup to eat. I thought it would be harder to turn down actual puppy eyes, but since I found out the harm fruits can cause, I haven’t had a problem not sharing my fruit salad with Duke.

Some fruits (such as avocados, grapes, and pomegranates) contain toxins which can be fatal for dogs. The toxin can be in the leaves, seeds, skin, stem, or flesh of a fruit, so it’s crucial to learn the specifics of any fruit you’re going to have in the house. For example, apples are perfectly fine to share with your pooch, but their seeds contain cyanide, which is very toxic for dogs. You need to know the specifics so that the dangerous bits stay far away from their food bowl, aka the floor.

Even if a fruit isn’t toxic per se, there are other risks involved with feeding pups fruit. Small fruits or ones with tough skin aren’t easily digested, and since dogs don’t chew their food the way humans do, those little cranberries (or peach pits) go straight into their stomach and can result in a gastrointestinal obstruction.

There is nothing more important to us than our dog’s health, so we created this infographic to answer the question, “Can dogs eat fruit?” Just keep in mind that your dog’s individual reaction depends on their size, breed, allergies, and overall health. Before adding anything new to their diet, check with the V-E-T first!

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