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Homeless Pets - a dire problem

Here at Dog Dude Ranch we’re passionate about helping rescue dogs to find their “forever homes” – that’s why 20% of our business goes to support rescue dogs.

We all know that rescue centers do fantastic work, but were you aware just how serious the problem is becoming? According to recent statistics over 7 million pets are put up for adoption in the USA each year, at a cost of over $2.5 billion. Many pet shelters are struggling to deal with the enormous numbers of dogs and cats finding themselves homeless either due to escape, unwanted pregnancies or simply being surrendered by owners who can’t look after them any more.

Pet relocation firm PBS Pet Travel recently got in contact with an infographic they’ve created, which helps to show how serious a problem homelessness is in pets. While we work hard to support local organizations like the South Florida Animal Rescue Network, we hope the following statistics will encourage as many Miami residents as possible to do their bit and help find more permanent homes for loving dogs.

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