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Is your dog your hero?

There are so many heart-warming stories about heroic dogs doing stupendous things that we wanted to share a few with you to help you smile today.

Many of you remember wonderful Arkana who traveled the world saving lives by sniffing out bombs.

Another wonderful dog alerted his owner to cancer that she had. He kept sniffing and pawing at one spot and would not stop no matter how much she tried. His unusual behavior prompted her to seek out medical attention which is when they discovered the cancer. She is now happily healthy and reunited with her awesome pup after her successful cancer treatments.

A child's life was saved over and over by their service dog who was able to detect the child's drop and rise in his sugar level through out the day and night. The child has juvenile diabetes and before they got their dog, the family had never been able to get a single night's sleep out of worry if their child was having problems. Once they got their dog, the dog would stay by the child's side at all times and alert them if he had a change in his blood sugar. He would go and nudge them until they went to check his blood.

But what about your dog? I bet your dog is your own personal hero just as ours are. We hope you share some of your hero stories with us! We would love to learn about them! Email us at

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