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Your dog's personality is as unique as your own - especially when you're not looking

Through all of these years getting to know so many dogs whether they have come to the ranch as day care of boarding guests, is that each one has a very unique personality of their own. But it even goes beyond that. Many dogs act a little differently when they are away from their family meaning there could be a whole different side of your pup that you haven't seen yet!

Your dog loves you more than you can ever imagine and that means that when you are with them, it is difficult for them to think of anything other than protecting you, staying with you and making sure you are ok with whatever they are doing.

So often, dogs will come on their tour of the ranch and when we are walking around while their dog is exploring the dog might be timid or shy or even not very social with other dogs. The dog might fear stepping too far away from their family or if they do, they will keep peeking back to make sure they are still there.

But come time for their first official visit and their owner's aren't there anymore, the dogs often blossom and come out of their shell. A dog that was timid when their owners were there, can appear like they can come off of guard duty when they are separated. Once they begin to explore, meet other dogs and see the others running and playing around, they soon jump right into the fun. The most timid can become the most outgoing, sociable and playful.

We have heard over and over again how owners feel that they "got a better dog back" after their pup stayed at the ranch for a few days. And that is because their dog had a little more time to get in touch with their inner dog personality by being part of a dog pack, learning from other dogs and just having lots of freedom to run and play to their heart's content.

We know it's hard to be away from your beloved dog, and they will shower you with unconditional joy and love when you pick them up. But it is always reassuring to know that when they can't be with you, they are growing and developing in great new ways which you will get to benefit from when they come home to you.

Sending you and your pups pats and hugs from all of us at the Dog Dude Ranch!

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