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Some of our favorite funny pictures of dogs at play at the ranch

You know just how much fun we have at the Dog Dude Ranch and you know that the dogs have even more fun! So here are some of the funniest ones full of great expressions and poses that we thought we would compile and share with you! So whether your dog has stayed with us for dog day care or dog boarding (kennel), here is proof of the fun they had!


We have no idea how Simba did this, but she looks like she is literally floating serenely over her buddy Splash! He seems to be sayin, "What? How'd you get up there?"


This is Finnegan and Ocean! They were constantly plaing and Ocean (the Black Lab) has a wild look of surprise!


An upside down smile says it all!


Dogs run around in circles before laying down and when following each other apparently.


We literally have a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

DSC_0406 (2).JPG

I really hope these brakes work!!!!

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