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To make your Christmas cards stand out this season, consider creating a batch featuring an adorable picture of your dog. Below are some inspirational ideas to help you design and create the perfect pet-friendly Christmas card for the upcoming holiday season.

Family Photo

Take a picture of the whole family, but make your dog the center of attention. For example, you may dress everyone else as Santa and his elves, but dress your dog as Rudolph, and position him in the center of the photo. You could also dress the entire family in caroler outfits, reindeer costumes or even Christmas pajamas. Holiday-themed costumes for both dogs and people are available from retailers like Party City. If you want a more traditional card, simply dress the family in outfits from the same color scheme, and include your pet in the photo.

Let Him Go Solo

To create casual photo postcards for the holidays, take a picture of your dog alone and feature it on your card. For example, you may dress your pet in a holiday-themed costume and position him in front of a Christmas scene, or take a close-up of his face and use a photo-editing program or card template to add embellishments like reindeer antlers or a Santa hat.

Word Play

You can spice up any pet-themed holiday card with a clever greeting or caption. If you want to take a traditional photo of your dog, consider using a greeting that includes a play on words, such as “Happy Howlidays” or “Merry Christmas from Santa Paws.” For a more humorous card, take a photo that appears incriminating, such as an image of your dog tangled in garland, and add the caption “Feliz Naughty-Dog.”

Funny Speech Bubbles

Create a humorous dog-themed holiday card by adding speech bubbles. Take a picture of your dog in front of a bag of coal with a speech bubble that reads, “Gee, I hope I’ve been good this year.” Alternatively, take a picture of your pet sleeping with a dream bubble that includes pictures of dog bones or squeak toys. Be sure that the phrase you choose fits well with the photo and captures your dog’s unique personality.

Add Props

Include some props in the photo to add color or humor. You may take a picture of your dog popping out of a wrapped box or sitting beneath the Christmas tree with a bow on his head. You can also take props one step further by creating a scene or storyline. Dress your dog in a Santa suit complete with reading glasses, and position him next to a copy of Santa’s naughty/nice list. You can also photograph your pet in front of a holiday-themed backdrop, such as an image of a decorated Christmas tree and fireplace.

Greg Miller

Greg is a veterinarian from Ohio who loves dogs, especially his own two golden retrievers.

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