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What Is The Best Dog Food?

While great dog boarding accommodations and happy day care services are crucial for peace of mind when owners are away, nutrition and diet are likely the most important aspects of your pup’s health. Unfortunately, research from the APOP demonstrates that nearly 54% of dogs are either overweight or obese. And because the best dog food depends on a number of factors, including your canine’s breed, age, activity level, and potential allergies, there is no clear answer for pet owners.

Ultimately, finding the best dog food for your pup comes down to a bit of research. To help, the bloggers at Dog Food Genius put together this comprehensive infographic to explain the many aspects of buying the healthiest food for your pet.

For starters, it discusses what dogs need to eat, good and bad ingredients, different terminology (e.g. meat vs meat meal), the common types of products, and lastly how much you should feed your pup depending on age and size.

Although it’s impossible to make specific recommendations universally for all dogs, understanding the basics can help owners make informed decisions about what to feed their pets!

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