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Most pet owners agree that their dog is an integral member of their family. They consider the health and well-being of their pet to be of the utmost importance. As digestive issues arise in a pet's life, having a better understanding of what is healthy and good for our pets is paramount. Food related health concerns are gaining more notoriety in the public eye. And the lack of knowledge when giving our dogs kibble with high “by-products” and corn can lead to kidney failure and other dangerous health risks.

A dedicated team at set forth to find the answers to all our pet food questions. With 1,400 hours of in-depth, comprehensive research, this group has discovered quality brands, their ingredients and included other useful tips to help keep your pup healthy and full. The simple graphics and easy design help the knowledge seem fun, important and easy to digest.

Here is a breakdown of their research:

The Research Criteria

  1. Remove products where the first ingredient is not a meat of any kind

  2. Remove products containing corn, soy, wheat, grain, or flour

  3. Remove products containing beet pulp or sugar

  4. Remove products that contained by-products or sauces

  5. Examine brand history for previous recalls, ingredient sources, and customer satisfaction

  6. Reviewed the remaining formulas based on the best ratio of protein, fat, and carbs, as well as the source of protein.

After funneling 2,223 formulas from 115 brands through the above search criteria, they ended up with 134 dog food formulas that they confidently recommend.

For more information regarding their methodology, and the brands they recommend, take a look at’s complete guide here!

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