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Video from Monty's Point of View

Monty came to play for daycare at the ranch and as he is always one of the most spunky, bouncy and super fun guys here, his great mama said we could try letting him wear our GoPro camera while he played!!

It was so cute because as soon as we put it on him, he froze. He wasn't sure what he was supposed to do as it really must have felt odd to him. While wearing it, he explored and pranced around, but he felt a little too strange to get into his normal bouncing about. But the video came out wonderfully although you might need to be careful if you are one to get motion sickness :)

Some of our favorite highlights were how you can see his chin and tongue at the top of the frame (the camera was mounted on the front of his chest). We also loved how you could see his shadow as he was walking around so you could see him and what he was seeing. You will also notice when he shook with the camera on as if to say - uggg - what is this thing???

Thank you Thalia for letting Monty be our videographer! He is just so much fun and such a great guy!!

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