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Ranch Storm Procedures

As Miami is in the tropics, Miami gets its fair share of severe storms and even tropical storms and hurricanes.

At the ranch, we take all storms very seriously and have many procedures in place to ensure the dogs and team members are safe and sound. After faring well through all past storms, even Hurricane Andrew, we know well how to be ready.

Many dogs that come to the ranch have extreme fear of loud noises, especially thunder. Some of them come with helpful items such as Thunder Shirts (click here to see what they are) or even veterinarian prescribed medications. When a storm is coming, we attend to each dog according to their level of comfort to ensure they fare well through it.

We keep a close eye on the weather radar map as we also do not let the dogs out if lightning is too close. When storms are around, we adjust their playtime accordingly so they can be out only when it is safe and comfortable for them. Of course, many dogs love playing in light drizzles, but we have to say no when it comes to lightning.

When it is something more than a typical Miami storm, such as a tropical storm or even a hurricane, we have a time-tested property and process.

As a storm approaches, we help send dogs home who are able to go home as we all prefer that everyone keep their pets safe at home with their family. For families who are not able to bring their dogs home, there is no worry as the dogs are safe and secure with us.

Our steps to get ready are simple, but important. First, our structures are all reinforced and able to be shuttered. Secondly, we are prepared for any electrical or water outages as we have generators, EPA approved well water and even food and gas that are stockpiled for the dogs, horses and all ranch animals. Third, as this is also a home environment, we have team members who are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring that even in the more challenging weahter, there are multiple people with the dogs on the property at all times. So there is no need to worry that the dogs would be alone and nobody would be able to get to them after a storm if the roads were closed like traditional kennels.

So if you are traveling and not able to pick your dog up when a storm is threatening, fear not. We will protect them well with all of our hearts, skill and procedures.

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