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How to Use Drones to Make Pet Videos

Flying drones has become a mania that it is not only used for the pleasure of manipulating or piloting an unmanned robot, but even to capture pet videos. Imagine being able to record precious moments with your pooch or document what they’re doing unobserved.

But, before you attempt to test your flying skills, there are a couple of things you should do:


Depending on where you are located, registration may be mandatory. In the US, the FAA requires everyone who wishes to fly an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) to register and pay a fee. If you are going to use pet videos on a commercial scale, you also need to apply for a permit.


If flying drones on US airspace, you are governed by the FAA Advisory Circular 91-57 that states operators of model planes cannot fly them more than 400 ft. above the ground. In addition, they should be within your sight at all times and should not be operated within five miles of an airport.

Also, you are not supposed to operate drones in residential or densely populated areas as well as schools and churches. You cannot fly a UAS near highways, power stations and government facilities.

Fly Your Drone Safely

Now that you are in conformity with the laws, get an inexpensive drone that you can practice with. Even if you are skilled at piloting, you are bound to have little mishaps and you don’t want to crash a pricey UAS on your first attempts.

Look for an open area, free from electricity cables and many trees. Operate in light conditions so you have visual contact with your drone. If weather conditions are bad (too much wind or raining), it’s best to pack up.

Once you are confident of your flying skills, you can now attach a camera to your drone if your aircraft does not have a built-in one to start making your pet videos.

Finally, practice taking aerial photography with your pets for in so doing, your shots will just get better, showcasing incredible moments.

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