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Great stories of dogs saving lives

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This weekend, we were honored and privileged to have a great dog hero stay with us, Arkana. In retirement at his loving home with George and Shirley Gruber, this Belgian Malinois has traveled to war zones all over the world including Somalia, Sudan, Kosovo and Iraq. This hero has detected over 300 IED’s and he himself has been wounded in the line of duty.

In thinking about Arkana’s outstanding service and the other ways dogs have saved so many lives, I thought I would dedicate this blog post to giving a special thank you too dogs everywhere for the countless ways they improve and save our lives. Here are a few examples you might enjoy.

One example is of a small Chihuahua/Poodle mix named Psycho who jumped in front of a striking rattle snake to save his toddler and her sister. The snake bit Psycho instead of the child resulting in Psycho losing an eye, but in saving his family.

The next examples are of dogs who detect illnesses and health conditions such as high sugar in diabetics and even cancer. One family had a child with juvenile Diabetes and for years, they had never had a good night’s sleep because they had to wake up every hour to check their child’s sugar level to make sure he was safe. They were then given a dog who had been trained to detect drops in blood sugar and since then, their fears have gone away. Now, whenever their son has low blood sugar, the dog will come and wake them up to notify them. Juvenile Diabetes can cause coma, blindness and early death if not treated properly and thanks to their wonderful dog, they can rest easy knowing he is safe and healthy.

In another story, a mixed-breed dog, Duke jumped on his owner’s bed in the middle of the night trembling intensely. Duke is forbidden from jumping on the bed so his unusual behavior was shocking to his owners. This drove his owners to check on their 9-week-old baby in her basinet where they found her not breathing. They immediately called the paramedics who were able to revive and save her. Had Duke not woken them up, she would not be alive today.

In another case, a lovely English Cocker Spaniel, Honey, was only 5-months-old when her owner’s SUV rolled over and ended up upside down in a ravine. Her owner was trapped when he realized that Honey was their only hope of survival. He reached back and released her harness. She then crawled out of the car, found help a half-mile away and brought the person back to the stuck car. The SUV was so hidden that had Honey not gotten help, nobody would have known about the accident until it was too late.

There are so many beautiful and heroic stories of dogs saving us that we are beyond grateful for the gift they give us every day. Do you have any you would like to share? Please let us know! We would love to hear from you. In the meantime, here are many more dog hero stories you might enjoy as well.

Thanks for reading our blog from all of us at Dog Dude Ranch!

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