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5 Things That Can Help Your Dog Live Healthier and Longer

Dog Groomer

We know how much you love your dog and we also know how much your dog loves you! That's why we put together this helpful list of simple things you can do to help your guy or gal be with you as long as possible.

1. Eat a healthy diet: Fortunately, we live in a day when most dog foods are very good quality and contain many of the key vitamins and nutrients your dog needs. But there are a few other important things to keep in mind when thinking of what a healthy diet looks like for your dog. One of the most common challenges owners face is that their dog is overweight. It is normal to give into the urge to please your dog when he is giving you those puppy eyes and wanting more food, but more does not always mean better. Being overweight is just as dangerous for dogs as it is for humans, so it is key to resist that urge. It is also important to try to resist the urge to give your dog human food, and especially to be aware of the dangerous foods that can seriously hurt them. A few that you need to know about include avocado, grapes, raisins and chocolate. Each can have dire effects on your dog.

2. Get plenty of exercise: Is this sounding familiar? The things that are good for you and me are also good for your dog. As doctors are shaking their fingers at us encouraging us to be more active, we need to be thinking the same way towards our dogs. Make it fun for both of you - bring a ball and head to the park. Go to the beach and take a swim together (bring a dog floatie if your dog is not a good swimmer). There are so many ways that you can have fun and get great exercise that hopefully it will not feel like a chore to you. If you are one of us who has an early and late work day, consider bringing your dog to day care a few times a week so he or she can run around, exercise and even socialize when you're away. And if you are traveling, make sure the place you board your dog or dog kennel gives them lots of playtime so they are not cooped up in a crate or small room the whole time - of course, we are pretty biased towards the Dog Dude Ranch :)

3. Keep current with vaccinations and prevention medicines: There are many dangerous illnesses out there and even though we all lead busy lives, it is very important to get your dog to the vet to keep them current on vaccines like rabies and to give them prevention medicines like heartworm pills and flea and tick treatments. Heartworm can kill your dog, Parvo is making a comeback and Lyme Disease which is transmitted by ticks, can not only make your dog sick, but can also be transmitted to you and make you sick. So stay close to your vet and take their recommendations seriously.

4. Get insurance: Health insurance for pets is finally becoming very popular which is a great thing for pet owners since it will help ensure you get great coverage at a reasonable price. Having insurance can significantly help your pet live longer because it will ease the financial fear and burden from you should your dog become ill. Having good insurance will help you more easily ensure your pet can get the best treatment possible. Check the reviews of the best pet insurance companies out there by clicking here.

5. Enjoy your pet: There is nothing that makes your dog happier than simply being with you and I bet, you are happier when you are with your pet! Happiness is definitely one of those things that is simply good for you and good for your dog on every level which means it can also contribute to a longer and better quality life.

So, here's to you and your dog's long and healthy lives together! We hope you take long strolls in the park while you enjoy beautiful days playing and being family!

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