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Dogs are, by nature, social animals. In the wild they live in packs and interact with each other and various other stimuli throughout their day. The domesticated dog is quite often deprived of this natural behavior, being left home alone or with limited interaction with new people and dogs. This can lead to destructive behavior such as chewing, barking, unhealthy submissive behavior, separation anxiety and in extreme cases, aggression towards other dogs and people.


A doggie daycare can help meet the social needs of the dog by providing the opportunity for the dog to interact with other dogs, and people, and develop very healthy and important social skills. Many times, hyper, seemingly uncontrollable dogs become more relaxed and manageable dogs just by having a couple days of daycare activity. Think of doggie daycare like a summer camp for kids.


A second point is the health and activity level for the dog. Many dogs do not get enough exercise, and in my years of being a veterinary technician, I have seen a rise of obesity in dogs and cats. So think of doggie daycare as your dog’s gym time! The dogs are out walking, chasing, playing fetch, and just simply exercising. So, just as some of us like to hit the gym a couple days a week, our doggie daycare will meet the exercise needs of the dogs, helping them stay happier and healthier.


Also, did you know that a well exercised dog is more trainable than one that has unreleased, excessive energy? Have you ever watched The Dog Whisperer and noticed how he takes the hyper dogs for a run before he starts training them? This is because a dog that has been allowed to release all that extra energy, is more likely to focus long enough to learn and follow the commands you are teaching them. And  at the DDR doggie daycare, your dog will get plenty of exercise and we can even help reinforce any training you are currently working on. We also offer professional training through Applause Your Paws. You can even elect to have the trainer come to the DDR and work with your dig while at our daycare. It would be a fun day of lessons and playtime helping to reinforce good manners and behavior. Look for the link to Applause Your Paws at the end of this article.


And how do YOU benefit from all of this? You can now come home to a more calm, relaxed, happier and healthier dog. After an eventful day of doggie daycare, the dogs are ready to go home and simply relax with you. No more wound up, hyper-excited energy.  Of course they will be excited to see you, but once at home, they will most likely find their favorite spot and drift off to dream of their exciting adventures at our doggie daycare! So that gives you moretime to relax and unwind from your day.


So, visit our website and sign u for a FREE day of daycare and see the difference it can make in YOUR dog!


Is your dog already a daycare dude or has stayed with us previously? Just mention this newsletter and we will gladly offer your dude a free daycare day too!


We also offer special pricing for daycare packages!


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By Amy

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