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Dog Dude Ranch is your pet’s home away from home. Imagine spending the morning on a ranch socializing with friends, sharing a game or stretching out under an old shady tree. They can romp in cageless, wide-open spaces playing with other friends. Dog day care and dog boarding options are available.


While a picture is worth a thousand words, no words can adequately describe the Dog Dude Ranch better than our video. Click here to get the true feel of the fun and joy our dog dudes experience here on the ranch.

Priscilla Bakes’ home in Miami’s “Horse Country”  has always been a haven for dogs, large and small, even in the days when her family was breeding and showing horses.


It all started when friends and family began leaving their dogs at our farm for a day of fun or for nighttime sleepovers when leaving town or having a fully scheduled day. Before we knew it, Miami dog owners from far and wide began contacting us looking for a safe, fun, and happy place for their dog’s to hang out while they were busy. And The Dog Dude Ranch was born!


The ranch’s two and a half  private, fully-fenced  shady acres in Miami’s “Horse Country” is  less than 20 minutes from Miami International Airport and is home to daily dog-style rodeos and roundups.


All dogs are grouped by size and temperament so there’s no need to worry about any roughhousing. Instead of a typical boarding facility or kennel type environment, dog’s are now able to enjoy socializing, exercising, playing, and spending the day with their buddies in both indoor and outdoor fenced-in, supervised play areas. We even have wading pools for the dude’s to cool off  in if they’re up to it!


Click here to see what makes us so different from other dog boarding, dog kennel and dog day care facilities!

Dog Dude Ranch Boarding and Day Care Kennel
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