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If you are a first-time dog owner or you have a new rambunctious puppy in your home, getting through the first few months can be a little trying. It isn’t easy for you or your new dog. It is an adjustment period for both of you, and there are a lot of new things to learn and experience. Some dogs just like to be dominant when it comes to things around the house or in the yard. When unwanted traits become a problem, Alpha Dog Training can help. Before things get out of hand, call a trainer for some help. They will be able to help you find a solution so you can be on good terms with you new best buddy.

House-Breaking or Potty Training

One of the first things that your new dog might need assistance with is potty training. Some dogs take right to it, while others seem to never be able to figure out the proper place to go, and it is never in the house. If you have trouble with your new dog and can’t get it to break the habit of making messes in your house, you can always look to a dog trainer for advice and help. They specialize in problems like this and can help you on a specialized basis if necessary to break your dog of the habit. Dogs are typically quick learners, and with the right assistance should be able to learn to do just about anything, including where to go to the bathroom.

Obedience Training

Most dogs will learn fairly quickly with the right motivation. You may just have to work with them on what motivates them to do the things you’d like them to do. Training your dog in the basics of obedience is very important. You want them to behave like a well-mannered dog no matter where they are or what is around them. Certain situations can be dangerous for you and your dog if they don’t have proper training in obedience. Simple things like staying at your side and not overreacting to situations when other animals are around are very important to their safety. These simple-seeming steps can sometimes be difficult, and that is when a professional can help. Many commands can be taught to your dog using voice and hand sign methods.

Socialization and Behavior Modification

Some dogs pick up unwanted behavior problems that make it difficult for them to function in a social situation with other dogs or animals. Since socialization is a big part of the makeup of most dogs, this can be especially important. Dogs are typically very social animals. Some tend to be more dominant and can use Alpha Dog Training to help break them of their bad habits. Social problems are not the only behavior problems that some dogs face. There are many problems such as biting, digging, and chewing, that can be very destructive. These habits might need to be handled by a professional if they do not grow out of them.

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